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Life depends on water, and water is power. In fact, by many standards, hydroelectric power is the cleanest and most efficient type of renewable power available.

Best of all, hydroelectric power does not require huge facilities in sensitive areas. Brownco Construction Company, Inc. has extensive experience with small facilities that can provide your organization with the most efficient, cost-effective renewable resource there is.

Of course, Brownco Construction Company, Inc. offers much more than design and construction:

Brownco Construction Company, Inc. partners with equipment manufacturers and other industry partners to install, permit and size solar energy / photovoltaic facilities. We design to certification and validation. We know who to call, and they know us.

As a self-performing contractor, our trades are in-house, so we offer competitive rates, greater control and an uncomprimising commitment to quality and service. See our information on structural steel and concrete construction and much more, and you know Brownco can help make your project a success. Please contact us for more information.