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Experts in Renewable Resources

Brownco Construction Company, Inc. is uniquely qualified for work on renewable energy projects. First, our company self performs key trades, such as concrete construction, structural steel and Much More. That gives us the edge in control and quality. Second, we have experience with a wide range of renewable resource costruction projects. We know how to get the job done on time and on budget!

Wind Energy

Brownco can provide a turn-key installation of a wind energy facility - a resource many consider to be the ultimate in “green” energy. We will be with you from inception to validation, and you'll get the same level of expertise whether it is a large project or small. Read more on our Wind Energy page.

Hydrogen and Natural Gas

Brownco built some of the first hydrogen fuel stations in Southern California – for big names in government and the automobile industry. We can provide expert advice on equipment and processes that will best fit your needs. Read more on our Hydrogen and Natural Gas page.

Biomass and Pyrolytic Conversion

Reduce the waste you send to the dump. Convert the waste you have into something valuable. Reduce your carbon footprint. Brownco can help you achieve goals like these and more, with our knowledge of equipment, construction and installation. Read more on our Biomass page and our Pyrolytic Conversion page and on the International Environmental Solutions Corporation website.

Waste Water

The western United States faces critical demands on water resources, and Brownco Construction Company, Inc. can help. We know what equipment your facility needs, and we are uniquely experienced in construction and the installation of the equpment. Read more on our Waste Water page.


Browco has been building photovoltaic/solar facilities since the 70s, so we know how your organization can levrage the incredible new technologies that can provide reduced energy bills, tax credits and more. Read more on our Photovoltaic and Solar Energy 5page.

Hydroelectric Power

Hydroelectric power does not require huge facilities in sensitive areas. Brownco Construction Company, Inc. has extensive experience with small facilities that can provide your organization with the most efficient, cost-effective renewable resource there is. Read more on our Hydroeletric Power page.